Yee-Ha! Snow Day!

I have snow days today and tomorrow. Even though I need to work on science homework, yub nub Ewok dance!!

yub nub

In honor, I made this decent replica of Zod’s origami snow golem. Click here to check his stooky one out. Mine is folded from an orange-white square of origami paper with no cuts, except for gluetaped arms.


My younger bro also folded a snowman. He sez: Hey guys, I’m SFDP’s younger brother. I made this kirigami snowman by folding the basic puppet with a pleat dividing the top section in half. I made 6 cuts to form circular sections. The hat is two pieces of paper, no cuts. The scarf is one piece, no cuts. One piece is used for the rectangle, one is used for the brim. The details are simple to draw, and the pipe is optional. My brother is teaching me to fold better, and I hope to become an SF soon!



3 thoughts on “Yee-Ha! Snow Day!

  1. I like ’em both!
    Yours is more accurate in one way… it has 6 buttons; mine had only 3.
    I drew the face pixilated, but it was hard to fit in so it was sorta ugly. (The model was only an inch tall.)
    I think you have the same design here, for mine was also one piece of paper without the arms.
    Great strategy for the snowman too!

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