Encyclogami Double Header!

wave b

wave c

Hey guys! Whew, I’ve been doing lots of folding and not a lot of posting! So, here they are, Encyclogami waves 2 AND 3! Wave 2, or B, includes a Battle Droid, Barriss Offee, (one of my favorite Jedi) Biggs Darklighter, and (one probably not folded before) Bom Vimdim! Or is it Vimdin? I can never remember… Wave 3, or C, includes Chancellor Valorum, Captain Rex, Chief Chirpa, and Captain Typho. Barriss, Biggs, Valorum, and Typho are basic puppets. Rex has arms and a removable helmet. Chirpa is folded from the instrux from Jabba, (plus arms) and Bom and the    Battle Droid are my own designs. Wave 4 is in progress. MTFBWY!

PS: Sorry about bad photo quality. I’m working on it.

PPS: Tyler, if you are reading this, what’s your secret to total rockets photography?


5 thoughts on “Encyclogami Double Header!

  1. Yay! Those are great! I haven’t even posted my FIRST Encyclogami wave. Anyway, to take great photos, try not to use a single color background, unless it’s black. Only use black for mostly one-color pieces that you want to be extra vibrant. Origami stands out well on wood, so I mostly use that as a background. Use a digital camera if you have one and put it in the “Macro” setting (generally symbolized as a little flower). Finally, take you time with photos. Give the camera time to focus and look at the screen to see if you like how it appears. Hope this helps!

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