5 Pieces of News/Questions!

1. Easter is tomorrow! Should I release any instrux?

2. I am in the middle of remaking a very important origami figure…

3. I am also waiting to post some BOLT origami from everybody’s favorite swordfighting game!

4. Can anybody fill me in on why the comments are off on OY.com? Was it about SamTomAngleberger? And, Ella, did you actually get banned?

5. Moochael, your strange doodle request will be emailed to you ASAP! MTFBWY!


10 thoughts on “5 Pieces of News/Questions!

  1. I’ll fill you in!

    I just don’t know what happened with Ella.
    SamTomAngleberger was a nasty troll on OY.
    Almost everybody reported him for the same things!
    Sam got real mad and stuff.
    He is trying to find a way to keep us safe from trolls like STA.
    Rumors say that STA is 0123456789 returned (another troll)
    He shut off the comments for our own protection.

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