Corbacraft Feature #2! My House!

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Hey guys! I’ve been on Corbacraft a lot lately. I met StookyLukey (mwleather) and hung out with him for a bit. Then he had to leave, so I begun working on my house! I built it by a lake at the boundary of the Jungle and Mesa, which I have expertly dubbed THE MESAJUNGLE (all caps for effect 😆 ).  Also, I will be getting the Hunter Rank soon!

Off to craft,

The Iron Palkia

PS: Does anyone know a good place to buy a horse or dog? Thanks!


6 thoughts on “Corbacraft Feature #2! My House!

  1. Shat was on when you took these pics! And Bashy! And the Uvula!
    (Sorry bout the stupid nicknames I give to the staff 😛 )

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