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I just checked my stats today, and I have hit 10,000 views and exactly 499 comments! The person who writes comment 500 will receive a doodle, origami, or instructions request of their choice! Thank you guys SO MUCH for viewing, commenting, following, and supporting me! Now , I have 2 HUGE surprises for you guys. The first is one I have been procrastinating on FOREVER, but now present to you…



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Yep, we’ve got Phoenix, Edgeworth, Maya, Gumshoe, and the Judge! They are pure origami except Phoenix and Edgeworth’s arms and Udgey’s gavel. I have been working on these for at least a month, so I hope you like them. (Godot coming soon!)

The second surprise is a NEW PAGE titled HOENN CONFIRMED! It is a place where I will post the latest Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire news and my theories and wanted features for the games! You can post yours, too!

Signing Off,

Dark Palkia, Lord of Mudkipz, Hoenn Enthusiast, Ace Attorney


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