Return of the Palkia + Ruby Nuzlocke! #LongPost!

Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately! I’ve been on 3DS overload! Layton vs Wright, Smash Bros (which by the way is awesome #Greninja), and SCHOOL!!!! During this time, I have made origami, like this kirigami Charizard which some of you have found on OY.


Also, I have started that Ruby

1. Catch the first Pokemon on a route and nothing else. If you fail, you may not catch another. No repeat Pokemon. Shinies are exempted from this rule.
2. When a Pokemon faints, it is DEAD and permanently boxed.
3. All Pokemon must be nicknamed!

I am right past the Petalburg Woods with six Pokemon but two dead. RIP Billy the Zigzagoon, died to a wild Taillow’s crit peck. RIP Igor the Wurmple, died to the first youngster’s Zigzagoon. (I never really liked Igor anyway) Here is my current team! (Sorry my iPod is not letting me post screenshots)
1. Darwin the Mudkip: Level 10
2. Omega the Poochyena: Level 7
3. Falco the Taillow: Level 10
4. Captain Toad the Shroomish: Level 5

What should I do next?

Catch you later!



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