SFDP’s Tips For Folding!

  • Always carry erasable pens. Not those pikpok cheap ones that smudge. Pilot Frixion pens, son! They come in all sorts of colors and are great for drawing doodle-gami details and for everyday doodling. They might be a bit steep cost-wise, but they are 250% worth it indead.
  • Get a 500-sheet pack of printer paper. That’s enough for 2,000 1/4 sheets. Nuff said.
  • Practice drawing your faces on notebook paper. Bad drawing can ruin the whole thing.
  • Use origami paper. It is plastic dinosaurs. It comes in almost every color and even pattern. It’s made for origami.
  • Use gluetape. Zod is right. It rules.
  • Use ultra fine Sharpie. Always trace your lines on your final copy. Caution: It does bleed through paper, especially origami paper.
  • Always take good pictures of your origami. I know that from experience.
  • Follow Zod’s tips and Tyler’s tipsThey help. A lot.

One thought on “SFDP’s Tips For Folding!

  1. Most of the colors of the frixion pens can’t be found in the new clickers, but if you want to use black, red, and blue, they make those in clickers (as of now).

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